Daewoo 2000W Electric Single Induction Hob Built-In Auto Switch-Off Overheat Protection

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Boasting 2000W of heating power, this induction hob is fast heating and energy efficient, so you can fulfill all your cooking needs quickly and effectively, without racking up your household energy consumption.

Ideal for use alone or alongside your other kitchen appliances, the Daewoo SDA1805 2000W 

Single Induction Hob is perfect for when you’re cooking for a large group, hosting a dinner party, or simply whipping up a quick meal for one.

Designed with versatility in mind, this impressive unit boasts 5 handy functions including, Warm, Soup, Steam, Quick-Fry, and Hot Pot, making it ideal for whatever’s on the menu. What’s more, with a handy auto shut-off function, this unit is designed to shut off not being used for 2 hours, preventing the unit from overheating and becoming a hazard.

VERSITILE COOKING – This Daewoo single induction hob allows you to cook in a variety of different ways – you can either warm, steam or even fry your food

ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE SETTINGS – With its adjustable temperature settings and controls, This single induction hob is ideal for making a huge variety of meals in any home kitchen

SAFE AUTOMATIC SHUT OFF – This single induction hob allows you to save energy and stay safe with its automatic switch off feature if left unused for 2 hours

OVERHEAT PROTECTION – This single induction hob has overheat protection built into it, which both preserves it and makes usage safe

LED INDICATOR LIGHT DISPLAY- The Daewoo Single induction hob has an LED light display and push button control so that you can easily see and set the functions you need

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